About Santal Phuta kacha

Phuta kachaPhuta kacha/Panchi Dhoti/ jhal gamcha– It’s use only male and also now a days it’s available for small boy. These Phuta Kacha are made Birds, elephants, peacock, swan and butterflies are randomly hand embroidered on the sarees based on the animals and birds seen in the environment.

The materiel is thick but soft cotton, the embroidery coarse and the colours are bright. These Phuta kacha bear well under repeated washing, becoming softer with every wash. Colours may not be fast so wash separately – cold soak in salt water. These saree may have small colour overlaps and patches – if you love tribal and hand made please accept these. Phuta Kacha are kind of clothes people use ordinarily. However on special occasions, people use a better version of these clothes called ‘Phuta Kacha’ .

. it is worm during many festivals ,marriage and social gatherings like Guru Mahit, bejha tunj during Sankrat and Punei parab. and In earlier days the kacha were available only in white base and dark maroonish check pattern but now a days some more coloredyarns like red, blue and green are used both in warp and weft directions.  Read more click here

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